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Serving Member Municipalities

Improving Municipal Electrics since 1950

Municipal Electric Is What We Do

Matching Local Resources to Local Needs


The South Dakota Municipal Electric Association serves member municipalities that provide electricity to approximately 100,000 South Dakotans.  SDMEA was formed in 1950. The SDMEA works with their members to improve municipal electrics in South Dakota through problem solving, research, and publications geared to the enhancement of the municipal electric departments.

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The SDMEA holds an annual Superintendent/Foreman conference each March, prepares educational materials and newsletters, and educates the public on the benefits of municipal electric services. We also provide mutual aid assistance, maintain communication with member electrical departments, and track all legislative and regulatory activities. This organization also directs and assists in legislative lobbying that impacts the general well-being of the South Dakota Municipal Electric Association members.


Who We Are

About the Association

The South Dakota Municipal Electric Association is an association of the South Dakota Municipal League.  We are comprised of 35 member communities from South Dakota and are Governed by a five member elected board with three year terms.


Year of Establishment


South Dakotans Served


Municipal Electric Utilities




Working Together for the Betterment of our Communities

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